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Impact Fertilisers believes that environmental sustainability is good business. We are committed to operating sustainably and responsibly, and aim to actively improve our sustainability performance over time.

Industry involvement

sustainability-sspAs a major fertiliser distributor and manufacturer in Australia we embrace the role of helping to strengthen industry-wide sustainability initiatives.

  • Impact Fertilisers is a member of Fertilizers Australia and the Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA). We support the codes of practice developed by each of these organisations, emphasising our duty of care, product stewardship and appropriate description, labelling and use of fertiliser.
  • We participate in the industry-wide Fertcare accreditation and best practice training program for product supply chain, marketing and safe application of fertiliser. By ensuring we manage fertiliser well throughout the supply chain and working with our customers to help them make informed application decisions, we aim to reduce the volume of fertiliser nutrients lost to waterways.

Environmental initiatives


sustainability-testing-labImpact Fertilisers is engaged in continuous research into new products and fertiliser treatments that offer improved environmental performance. Our recent introduction of Agromaster® into the Australian market is a good example.

This controlled release fertiliser improves fertiliser efficiency thereby reducing the impact on the environment and the risk of contamination of subsurface water. Nitrogen leaching, volatilisation and denitrification are significantly reduced.

Our product testing laboratory is a purpose built facility in Geelong. This laboratory focuses on ensuring we meet legislative requirements, and assists with continuous improvement initiatives.


Electricity use is the largest contributor to our carbon footprint. Here are two energy efficiency initiatives we have implemented:

  • Reduction in Industrial Lighting – All our new and redeveloped plants are designed to allow maximum penetration of natural light. Use of translucent building materials in walls and ceilings has almost eliminated the need to use artificial lighting at our new facilities in Mackay and Geelong. Several existing facilities have been retrofitted with sky lighting.
  • IT Infrastructure – We have developed an automatic PC shut down process that turns off PCs that have been left on at the end of the working day. Impact Fertilisers has also implemented a server reduction program that allows a reduced number of servers to host applications.


Water supply is an important issue for our customers’ businesses and their communities. Some examples of our water initiatives are as follows:

  • We have invested in rainwater storage at many Impact Fertilisers facilities, with this water used primarily for vehicle wash down and landscape maintenance.
  • Our Newcastle plant is located next to the ecologically and culturally important Kooragang wetlands. To avoid the accidental release of fertiliser nutrients to the waterway, we have constructed a water capture and storage system to channel the first seven millimetres of water that falls during a rainfall event. This first flush water is diluted with mains water and reused on our grounds to maintain trees and vegetation. Impact Fertilisers won the 2006 FIFA Platypus environmental award for this system.
  • Impact Fertilisers’ improvements to our Townsville plant, after taking this over from its previous owner, included new containment measures to prevent rainwater borne fertiliser or other contaminants leaving the site. These improvements won the 2007 FIFA Platypus award.
  • At our SSP manufacturing facility, installation of a filter press was completed in 2011 to assist in the management of the stormwater pond to significantly reduce the potential for stormwater overflow events.


Impact Fertilisers Recognised in Fertilizer Industry Environment Awards 2016

Impact Fertilisers was presented with the Platypus Environment Award, by Yvonne Harz-Pitre from the International Fertilizer Association at the  Australian Fertilizer Industry Conference gala dinner in Cairns. The Platypus Award recognises Impact Fertilisers leadership role in the successful north Queensland fertilizer bag recovery pilot project.

The fertilizer bag recovery trial operating in 2015, resulted in the removal of over 72,000 one tonne bags from the environment through a new independent entity Farm Waste Recovery (FWR). The plastic recovered was sufficient to manufacture over 1,200 park benches or similar products.

Commenting on the project, Mr Jim Mole, Impact Fertilisers Managing Director said, “the pilot project exceeded our expectations.” The project was supported by organisations such as Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, Queensland Department of Environment & Heritage Protection, local Governments, growers, resellers, Canegrowers Magazine and Plastic Recyclers. The pilot project has led to the planned roll-out in 2016 of an industry wide program for eastern Australia.