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Health, Safety and Environment Policy


Ameropa Australia recognises the importance of providing all employees, contractors and visitors with a safe and healthy work environment.

Our goal is the elimination of all injuries, occupational illnesses, preventable vehicular incidents and environment incidents.

We will seek to deliver on this goal by ensuring we achieve the following objectives:

  • Maintaining the highest practical standards of Health, Safety and wellbeing for all employees, contractors, visitors and the community.
  • Ensuring a preventative approach to Workplace Health & Safety and Environmental protection.
  • Developing clear strategies to implement monitor and review practices, which form part of Ameropa Australia’s Environmental Health and Safety management systems.
  • Identifying and reducing the risks of all types of work activities that have the potential to produce personal injury, occupational illness or environmental damage.
  • Ensuring that everyone (including visitors and contractors) complies with appropriate legal and workplace requirements relating to safety, health and environment.
  • Providing instruction, training and supervision to improve individual understanding of environmental health and safety practices.
  • Involving individuals in health, safety & environmental matters within the workplace and consulting with them in ways to recognise, evaluate and control workplace hazards via the risk management process.
  • Communicating health, safety, and environmental information to all employees, contractors and visitors.
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets for Environment, Health and Safety to ensure continuous improvement aimed at elimination of work-related illness and injury.
  • Ensuring we have effective hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control systems to manage risks to a practicable level.
  • Ensuring legal compliance to all environmental and workplace health and safety legislation and any other relevant requirements.

Fundamental to this policy is the principle that every Ameropa Australia employee is responsible for ensuring all areas under their control are in safe condition and that they conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times.

Additionally, all employees, contractors and/or visitors have a “Duty of Care” for their own health & safety and that of others.

Work Health, Safety & Environment initiatives will be actively sought from all areas of the business and will be recorded, assessed and addressed along functional management lines, consistent with Ameropa Australia’s values, policies and systems.

As Chief Executive Officer for Ameropa Australia Pty. Ltd., I will ensure that all Workplace Health, Safety & Environmental issues are duly considered and managed in accordance with the health and safety needs of all personnel operating at our sites and the requirements of the law.

Jim Mole
Chief Executive Officer
April 2017