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These calculators have been developed by Impact Fertilisers and are designed to help you make smarter business decisions. The calculators can be used online only, as they are not for general distribution and from time to time may be updated.

Please contact your salesperson with any questions regarding interpretation of the information contained in these calculators.

If the calculator does not start automatically, click on the Excel icon at the bottom of your screen.

Starter Fertiliser Calculator

A tool to allow the calculation of the rate required per hectare of product based on kgs Phosphorus required per hectare. Price comparison per hectare is also calculated.

SSP Calculator

A calculator to determine product rate required per heactre based on kgs Phosphorus required per hectare. Multiple products and brands can be compared with costs per hectare calculated.

SSP Granule Distribution Calculator

A calculator to determine SSP granule distribution at given rates per hectare.

Zinc Distribution Model Calculator

An easy way to compare the distribution of Zinc along the plant row between ZincStar and Zinc dry blends.

Reef Choice Calculator

A calculator to choose suitable products from the Sugar Cane Reef Choice Product Range.

Nutrient Removal Chart

A handy chart providing a general indication of the amount of nutrient removed by crop type over the life of each crop.