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sugarAgromaster Sugar Cane Brochure

Sugarcane, a vigorous tropical grass, has very high nutrient requirements to produce commercial crops. The majority of cane growing soils are poor, and this combined with the high nutrient removal rates of the crop, mean that a full suite of nutrients must be applied every year to ensure high productivity.

Nitrogen and potassium are required for growth and final sugar production. In addition, good sulphur levels are essential to maximise the efficient use of the large nitrogen rates that are applied.

Phosphorus is critical to ensure the development of a strong root system as this is the key to developing a nutrient and water pipeline to the above ground parts of the crop. The trace elements zinc and copper are often deficient on lighter soils and application is essential when required to allow the crop to reach its full potential.

Environmental Concerns

Many cane growing areas are along coastal creek and river flats that drain directly into the ocean and nearby reef systems. It is critical that fertiliser is applied (where possible) directly to the soil at planting, through side dressing operations using equipment such as stool splitters.

Maximum efficiency of fertiliser uptake occurs when nutrients are applied into the soil in the root zone and not when surface applied.

Applicable Impact Fertiliser Products

Straight use of:
Urea / DAP / SOA/ MOP
Blends of:
Urea / SOA /  MOP / SOP / MAP / DAP
Copper and Zinc
Agromaster Controlled Release
Prescription Blends
To suit sugarcane requirements