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Legume based pasture

pasturePhosphorus and sulphur are the two key nutrients in all legume pastures. Ensure these two nutrients are in plentiful supply at the start of the season to allow all your pasture to reach its maximum potential as early as possible.

Mixed pasture

Phosphorus and sulphur nutrition must be good at emergence for a good start. The higher the grass portion, the more nitrogen required, topdressing may be required for maximum potential.

Grass based pasture

Nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur are essential for good early seeding vigour. Spring nitrogen applications should be tailored to the prevailing seasonal conditions.

High performance pastures

High performance pastures equal high product removals from the paddock, and these nutrients have to be replaced to ensure maximum production.

Applicable Impact Fertiliser Products

Straight use of:
Urea / SSP / MOP
Blends of:
Urea / SOA / SSP / MOP / Hi Mag
Agromaster Controlled Release
Prescription Blends
To suit pasture requirements