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horticultureAgromaster Horticulture Brochure

Horticultural crops, which are often irrigated, are high yielding and hence place a large nutrient drain on the soil to supply nutrients. Where other crop segments, such as pasture, may require two or three key nutrients, horticultural production commonly requires multiple macro nutrients (N,P,K,S,Ca,Mg) and usually a wide range of trace elements (Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, B, Mo).

Growers are reliant on soil, leaf and sap testing to refine their crop nutrient programs both prior to planting and while the crop is growing.

Impact Fertilisers is able to offer a range of commonly used blends as well as Prescription Blends where products can be tailored to suit the grower’s needs.

Controlled release fertiliser, through Impact Fertilisers’ Agromaster® blends, are leading the way in new technology for  fertiliser supply to horticultural crops. These blends allow for more uniform growth in the crop and greatly reduced labour for application as the majority of nitrogen can be applied at planting. Loss of nitrogen through leaching, volatilization and denitrification are minor compared to conventional fertiliser programs. This means rates of application can be dramatically reduced. Agromaster can be formulated into standard blends at all Impact Fertilisers plants.

Applicable Impact Fertiliser Products

Straight use of:
Urea / SOA / SSP / MOP / SOP / ZincStar
Blends of:
All products including trace elements
Agromaster Controlled Release
Prescription Blends
To suit crop requirements